Boston Family Dental is committed to extending quality service to all of our patients. We strongly believe that our office policies and goals make for lasting doctor-patient partnerships. We hope to break down the old premise of "fixing things only when they are broken" and instill the practice of maintaining good oral health in its place. We believe in educating our patients about the benefits of preventive oral care through proper care and regular check-ups. 

Our Services

- Oral exams and cleanings
- Cosmetic Dentistry
- Fillings
- Crowns and Bridges
- Root Canal Treatment
- Gum Disease Treatment
- Full and Partial Dentures
- TMJ Treatment
- Tooth Whitening
- Dental Implants

Our patients can expect from us

- High degree of professional skills and abilities, 
- Dedication to your oral health care,
- Minimization of costly reconstructive work through proper preventive care,
- Effort to make your visits as comfortable as possible,
- Right treatment at the right time, and
- Fair fees for services provided. 

In return, we expect from our patients

- Cooperation in making and keeping appointments,
- Conscientious effort toward good oral health,
- Recall visits to maintain optimum oral health, and
- Payment of fees at the time of service